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Benefits of Storytelling in PPC Marketing

Pay per click or PPC is a term which is used in advertising world related to search engines. The PPC helps you advertise to promote your products or services over search engines by bidding on some specific kinds of keywords or key phrases. In other words, it is an auction of couple of keywords related to your niche area.

As per the value of your bid and its relevance to your website, your ad would appear in the sponsored links sections of the search engines. When you render PPC marketing services either to you clients or in your company, it is always preferred to collect enough information and performance data about the ‘before’ and ‘after click’ and present in a simple story telling pattern instead of throwing some complex metrics and excel report. Story telling method often works for new clients or anyone who is not interested in seeing some complicated reports or metrics. The article discusses a couple of benefits of storytelling in PPC marketing.

Educating clients: While dealing with clients for your PPC project you need to know which metrics to present before them. In a majority of cases while dealing with new or clients having bad experience before (both with the agency or the search engine), you will see a false understanding of success metrics.

There are few people who find presenting the metrics or the CTR percentage things impressive or a punch line for success, whereas few simply like to talk about the clicks. So it is up to you how you present the information, but make sure to put straight with an eye opening strategy which has both the before and after click performance goals. Also, it is important to put across realistic expectations to build a right level of trust with the client.

Support your story with web analytics data: Merely talking about the PPC performance data is not going to suffice for your story telling process. PPC marketing has a great impact over the organic search pertaining to brand awareness and influencing. While discussing with clients about the direct traffic performance with some non branded keywords you need to explain a couple of important things.

You must compulsorily tell the client how the traffic would drop the moment you pause the campaign. Your story should explain this important point without fail.

Use Google Adwords Dimensions: There are a number of vital metrics found inside Google Adwords Dimensions which helps a lot in your story telling. These data can include, hour of day along with day of the week and GEO by city, state and some precise locations.

These metrics can help you in a great way in presenting a good story talking about an overall performance before the clients. By this approach, you will be able to explain your clients effectively and easily. Make sure you continue this approach in your next level of your optimization strategy.

Putting up the PPC performance story: You can find a couple of effective methods of storytelling at Acquisio (The leading Performance Media Platform). Here they present data from the search engines and put together in such a way that it can be used very easily from different set of people. Hence when you present your PPC plan story before clients, it helps you put things in a proper way with customized content and cool images. In this way, it helps you a lot in your storytelling process.

Going through any strategy about PPC with a presentation can be too boring thing for any client, hence it is important to present them in an interesting fashion. The best method therefore is to adopt the idea of storytelling. This will help your clients to understand the metrics and reports easily and you keep up getting good number of PPC jobs.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on seabreacher attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on acronym maker for her blog.

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